Who is I Travel by Boat?

Hi! My name is Estefania and I am the founder of I Travel By Boat. 


I traveled by boat from Colombia to Panama in March of 2012 to bump into the heaven on earth that is called Guna Yala, known as the San Blas islands.  I lived on the islands with an indigenous family for 9 months & worked on a charter boat for a while (both life-changing experiences!) until I decided to share my experience for others to live it too! So here you have it, a portal where you can book a charter trip around San Blas, or go as far as Colombia along the Caribbean coast. 

The majority of the boats we book are personal friends of mine, vetted by other travelers too, so we know for certain that you'll have a positive and enriching experience. 


Check out our trips and please contact me!


Hope to have you on board soon,


That's me!