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Welcome to Azure!


The Crew

Captain Peter Eveleigh grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada and started sailing at age eleven and bought his first boat when he was twelve. He has 35 years of sailing experience. He has taught on and raced all types of sailboats in and around the windy Atlantic Provinces of Canada. He then spent some time in Australia teaching on and racing keel boats! Over the past 25years Peter has done thousands of miles of cruising and sharing his love of sailing and the cruising lifestyle, from the beautiful inlets of British Columbia, Canada to the warm tropic waters of Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Columbia Ecuador and Panama and all the magical places in between.

About Azure


Shared trip: $250 per person per night 
Private trip:

  • 1 person: $700 per night

  • 2 people: $900 per night

  • 3 people: $1100 per night

  • 4 people: $1300 per night

  • 5 people: $1500 per night

  • 6 people: $1700 per night

  • 7 people: $1900 per night

  • 8 people: $2100 per night

THE BOAT: Azure is a large 47 foot performance catamaran built in South Africa. 


CABINS: Equipped with 4 cabins with private baths. She is a ocean going vessel with great sailing ability in all conditions – very fast and extremely comfortable. 

FOOD: Our menu showcases fresh local products and seafood. 

LANGUAGES: Spanish and English.


  • Out door shower

  • Towels

  • 1 Bathroom

  • Fishing Gear 

  • 3 Kayaks

  • Music and speakers

  • Kitchen

  • Standup paddle board

  • Kite boarding gear

  • BBQ

  • Surfboard

  • Dinghy with outboard motor

  • Snorkeling gear


Just back from an epic Caribbean adventure with Captain Pete on the Azure! This catamaran is a game-changer. It's big, with comfy cabins that all have private bathrooms - perfect for families or groups. But the real star of the show is Captain Pete. Captain Pete's a fantastic cook & has been whipping up delicious meals for guests for years. He's also a hilarious storyteller & knows how to make every trip unforgettable.


Just BOOK IT! Captain showed us the best time on the islands. He really know the area very well and showed us some great spot!

We are definitely coming back soon!

Thanks Pete!

Thani and Carl

Thank you I Travel By Boat for recommending Azure for our family. We sailed, ate delicious food and had the most unique adventure with Pete! 

Thank you LOTS!!

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