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Meet the Guna that make
this community so special!

These are the friends who have shared their lives, their smiles, and their traditions with us. Join us as we introduce you to the faces and souls that make San Blas a true treasure.



We've known Rusidelia since she was a little girl. She loves sewing her molas and wearing the traditional Guna outfit, as her family is very traditional. They grew up on the islands, and her father is a skilled fisherman. They also take care of the coconuts in Maoki for almost six months every year. Hopefully, you will have the chance to meet them. They prepare one of the best dulemasi in San Blas, a very traditional banana soup.


He is an experienced fisherman who has recently taken on the role of a first mate on one of the largest catamarans in the islands. He possesses a lively and outgoing personality. Jeffrey will not only introduce you to his culture but also demonstrate the fishing techniques of the skilled Guna fishermen.

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Juan is an excellent friend who oversees the bar at "El Bar de Juan." Paying him a visit is an absolute must; he will craft for you the finest drinks in Gunayala, ensuring you have an amazing time dancing on the island.


José, Matteo and Gabriel

These incredibly charming children are sure to capture your heart. They reside on Chichime Island and are passionate about playing basketball, soccer, and various sports.



While on Chichime Island, a visit to Lola is an absolute must. Lola is a delightfully amusing parrot who mimics your words and thoroughly enjoys singing along with you. Be sure to offer her some bread or fruit during your visit.


Eladiana is a Mola master, she's been sewing molas for over 40 years. She was in charge of Nugnudub island for a very long time. That's the island that she and her sisters inherited from her grandfather. She is super outgoing ane very easy to talk to. We hope you meet her on your visit to San Blas.  

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Nalunega Volleyball Teams

Captain Fernando takes a selfie with with the under-17 male and female volleyball teams of Nalunega, champions of the Inter-Island Championship 2023. 



Hemerlinda and her assistant skillfully demonstrate the art of textile work, crafting intricate molas that bring their dreams to life on cloth. They create stunning molas in a vibrant array of colors, offering a truly exquisite gift to cherish and take home with you.

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Prado and his family

Stewardess Gisselle takes a pic with Prado a well known mola artist who creates amazing mola designs. You will be stunned by the artwork these talented Guna locals make!

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