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Mola Workshop

4 day mola-making workshop, from $2550 per person on a catamaran        April 17-21, 2024

Participating in a mola-making workshop will be the most fun you can have on a trip, combining visiting one of the most beautiful places on earth with bonding with the local folks by learning to stitch layered fabrics to form two blouse panels, the unique MOLA!  You'll work side by side with the women each day, and afterwards have time for swimming, snorkeling and taking in the beauty around you. On this trip you'll connect with people, nature, and learn a new skill. What's more satisfying than that? 


Day 1 - Panama City

9am. Breafast.  Introduction to Panama and to the Gunas.  We'll tell you all about their history and their art.  

11am. Tour around the Old Town (Casco Viejo) which is the most beautiful part of the city. 

1pm. Free  to explore the city on your own, visit the Panama canal, or whatever youwant.

Accomodations in a boutique hotel in Casco Viejo


Day 2 - Trip to Guna Yala (San Blas islands)

5am. Hotel pick-up

11am. Welcome brunch on board.  We'll conduct a meeting about Guna Yala. Participants will have time to settle into their cabins and get ready for the village visit.

2pm. Dinghy to the village to meet with the first group of women.  On this island you will get introduced to the MOLA - the beautiful handcraft of the Guna women.  You'll be told about what it is used for and what it means to the Guna women. You'll be instructed on how to start making your mola.  We'll have plenty of drinks and snacks.  This will be the time for participants to start getting to know the culture, bonding with the women, and understanding the art of mola making. 

5 or 6pm. Dinghy ride back to the boat. 

7pm. Dinner on board to debrief about the day and share initial thoughts and sensations.


Day 3 - Day sail to Waisailadub island

7am. Breakfast on board

8am. 3 hour sail to Waisailadub

11am. Snorkeling and beach lounging.  On this island everyone will get to relax for a while and see the paradise that is San Blas underwater.  We have snorkeling gear for everyone to snorkel around the coral reefs. Those who prefer to swim or just relax on the beach can do so as well.  We'll have drinks and snacks ashore.

1pm. Lunch on board. Nap, relaxation.

3pm. Dinghy ride to the beach to meet the next family.  Guests bring their already started mola from day 2 and continue working on it.  This time allows for chatting with the women, sharing real life stories of personal growth and struggle, and all learn from each other's experiences. We'll be translating for those who don't speak spanish. 

6pm. Bon fire on the island.  We'll bring food to complement the freshly caught fish from the local men to all have a grand dinner together and gather around the fire.  


Day 4 - Day sail to Chichime island 

7am. Breakfast on board

8am. 2 hour sail to Chichime

11am. Walk around the island. Show you and talk about the daily life of the Guna.  More beach, snorkel, kayak, SUP

1pm. Lunch

3pm. Meet yet another family with whom finish up sewing the molas. 

8pm. Final dinner on board to recap about everything learned on the trip.

Day 5 - Good byes

8am. Disembark and go back to the city

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