Should I book a monohull sailboat or a catamaran? 

IIt'll depend on wether you want to 'feel' the sailing or not.  Monohulls lean a lot when the sails are pushed by the wind. This can be a thrilling experience or a very scary one if you don't know what you're in for.  Catamarans are wider so they don't lean.  Catamarans have a lot more space inside and out. If you want an adventure and thrill go for a monohull. If you want peace and comfort go with a catamaran.  Catamarans cost more than monohulls.

How much do I have to pay upfront?

Depending  on the boat, you'll pay a 20%-50% deposit to reserve a cabin or vessel.

What happens if I can't make the trip?

Read our Terms & Conditions for our cancellation policy.

Do I need any vaccinations to go to Panama?

You normally need a yellow fever shot. Check beforehand.

What currency is used in Panama?

The U.S. Dollar.

Can I get cash in San Blas?

No, there are no ATMs in San Blas. You must bring cash from Panama City.

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