Explore the totally virgin terrain in San Blas with a rich indigenous culture seen in very few spots of the world. That coupled with amazing snorkeling, white sand beaches, and crystal clear waters, it makes this the top vacation destination in the world!
San Blas 3 nights, from $750pp

The most popular trip!  The experience you must have while visiting Panama. 

The most popular trip!  This is the highest rated tour in San Blas because you get too see multiple islands, changing locations daily, sailing to the most secluded anchorages and solitary beaches in the coral reef archipelago.
San Blas 4 nights, from $950pp

Enough time to get to see the best and most hidden spots in the archipelago, only accessible by sailboat.

Enjoy snorkeling in San Blas to see abundant sea life including tons of sea stars, huge schools of fish. There's even big pods of dolphins all over the islands.
San Blas 6 nights, from $1,290pp

The longer your stay the more you can see and also save!

Las Perlas 3 nights/4 days, from $787.50pp

Whale-watching sailing trip!  You'll see whales right by the boat, hear them underwater, you can't miss out!

Travel in style! Do a luxury catamaran tour in San Blas and Las Perlas. Enjoy fine dining - freshly caught lobster, freshly caught crab, delicious grilled squid.  Luxury sailing charters in Panama and whale-watching Panama tours are waiting for you!
Mola-making workshop, $2200pp* April 16-20, 2022 (or bring a group of 6 and set your own dates!)

A craftsy trip to learn a new skill while visiting the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean!
*includes hotel in Panama city, transport to the boat, and more!