Panama-Colombia or Colombia-Panama 5 day Backpacker Trip, $399pp speedboat/$550pp sailboat

This amazing journey takes you through the most beautiful parts of Panama & Colombia's Caribbean coastline.


You start in the historical fort town of Portobelo and sail to the exquisite San Blas islands. San Blas is one of the last spots on earth where the locals still lead a simple, primitive lifestyle, living off the land and sea. You'll get to explore this virgin archipelago, snorkeling in its turquoise waters and sunbathing on its white-sand beaches. You'll spend 3 days there. The journey then takes you on an open water two day navigation to Cartagena, or on a coastal navigation to the border town of Sapzurro and the surrounding areas in the Darien jungle. You can then catch a plane back to Panama city or fly home from Colombia.


There are all types of boats doing the journey, from 4 passenger sailboats to 12 passenger catamarans, to 20 passenger motor boats!  Smaller boats are more tranquil, bigger boats have more parties.  It's up to you to decide the type of boat you want.


Each trip has a different price, from $399pp for the speedboat  to Sapzurro, to $550pp for sailboats to Cartagena.


All meals are included during the entire journey (breakfast, lunch and dinner). You can bring your own alcohol and any snacks that you like.


In Cartagena you'll be able to catch a bus to any other city in Colombia. From Sapzurro/Capurganá, you'll have to take a speedboat to Turbo. There you'll be able to catch a bus to the rest of the country.


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