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Three Nights

3 nights Sailing in Gunayala

Anchor 1
Starting at around: 
$540 per person on a monohull or $900 per person on a catamaran 

An introduction to the Guna paradise and sailing life.  You'll sail each day to a different island, swim in beautiful waters and snorkel around the reefs. You'll get to know your hosts and swap life stories and you'll meet some of our beloved local friends!

Day 1 

You'll set off from your hotel in Panama City at 5am and will be on a lush mountain road for about 3 hours.  At the dock you'll take a water taxi that will take you to the boat at the Lemmon Cays.  This first day you'll want to relax on board, get a feel for the boat you'll call home for the next 3 days.   You'll want to jump into the water first thing to revel in the Caribbean's warmth, and depending on time you'll be able go go off on a snorkeling on paddle adventure before lunch is served.   After lunch you'll sail away to West Holandes and will set anchor between Aguanargana and Waisailadub islands.  This spot has one of the best snorkeling spots in all of San Blas, as there's a forest literally underwater with what look like full grown trees you can swim among and discover.  Dinner will be served on board and you'll most likely want to go to sleep quite early after a long day of traveling and fun in the water.


Day 2

When you wake up in paradise, you'll want to pinch yourself. Am I really here? Will be your first thought as you look out the window to the swaying palms over turquoise sea.   You'll have a delicious coffe/tea/whatever you want and a robust breakfast to get you started for a full day of adventure.  You'll get to go on the island to walk around, meet Julio and Laura, our local grandparents, Jose's family and Sandino at the other end of the island.  If you swim the short distance from Waisailaub to Aguanargana, you'll meet Enrique and his wife, a very social and charming couple.  After lunch you'll set sail to Chichime island. It'll be around 2 hours of sailing so you'll get to feel the wind in your hair and you'll start understanding why it is us sailors cannot live any other way.  The anchorage at Chichime is between a small and big island.  The Gunayala version of Ibiza's Cafe del Mar is a tiny palm hut run by our friend Rodney. He serves cold beers and rhum.  The family next to him can sort you out with fresh coconuts, too!  The beach on this side of the island is gorgeous for hanging a hammock for a snooze, and it's the best spot to catch the sunset!

Day 3

Your crew will take you snorkeling in the canal between the islands. You'll be amazed by the interminable coral and the hustle-and-bustle of the fish living there.  All sizes and colors, reef life is the best TV we've found to this day. You can stare for hours and realize there's a whole world underneath the surface with societies unconcerned with politics or social media, ha! It is mesmerizing and you remember that we are all connected living together in this planet and there's so much we can do to lead lives that impact these ecosystems in a positive way. Coming out of the water, feeling one with the universe, you'll be hungry for yummy food which will be waiting for you back at your ship. You'll sail to the East Lemmon Cays to finish up the trip.  You'll probably swim over to Nugnudub to meet Igua's family. They speak some english so you'll be able to interact more deeply. They will be able to share a bit of the system of beliefs of the guna people that has shown them that taking care of their territory is the highest act of love and purpose on our Earth. 

Day 4

As all good things come to an end, you'll wake up bright and early to catch your water taxi back to the dock at 7:30am.  After the car fills up, you'll start your trip back to the city. ​


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