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Sipper Only Charter

You like the idea of having a captain steer the ship, but you'd rather take care of your meals onboard? No problem.  We'll provide a suggested shopping list for you based on your trip duration so that you know what exactly to get to survive at sea for a few days. 


What's included:

- Skipper 

- Private & shared double and single bed cabins

- Private* & shared bathrooms with shower*

- Refrigerator* (yes, at sea, it's a luxury to have one!)

- Snorkeling and fishing gear (though you're encouraged to bring your own for best fit)

- Fuel, anchoring, all costs and fees


What's not included:


- Hostess for meal preparation and housekeeping

- Meals

- Drinks (except for water if the vessel can produce their own)

- Gear for: surfing, kitesurfing, SUP, wakeboarding, etc.

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