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What does it mean to be sustainable?

For us, sustainability means having the most positive impact on the social environment while having the least negative impact on the natural environment. 

We aim to work with boats that:

- live in San Blas because they have fallen in love with the Guna people and culture, and can't wait to introduce their guests to these amazing hosts 

- use their sails as much as possible when traveling between islands

- use solar energy for lights and charging electronics

- serve the most fresh food possible and the least packaged food possible

- use biodegradable cleaning products 



We aim to host clients that:

- have an open mind, open heart and open will to have an authentic exchange with our Guna hosts 

- are happy to travel shorter distances when there's no wind

- do not require Air Conditioning, as AC can only be had with a fuel-burning engine

- are happy to have whatever fresh food is available, this means if there's no seafood, vegetarian meals are served

- are happy to take back to the city any non-biodegradable trash produced during their stay to avoid leaving it in San Blas where there's no trash pick-up system whatsoever

- use coral-safe sunscreen

See now how this is a team effort? Let's be proudly sustainable together, so the Guna feel good about hosting us for years to come and for their land to stay paradisiac forever! 


And, this only works if all parties are commited, so please let us know if your experience was not as sustainable as it could have been. 


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Green Sail partnership! 
We've partnered with the Green Sail, an organization that promotes environmentally conscious practices for the development of sustainable tourism.  
Check out our Environmental Policy here!

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