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Welcome to Eva!

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The Crew

Argentinian Captain Leo and hostess Eva have been in the nautical industry for over 15 years, crewing charter boats in the Mediterranean mostly. They've been in San Blas on and off for the last 10 years. They are professionals who'll treat you to a great sailing vacation aboard their home! 

About Eva


Shared trip: $250 per person per night 
Private trip:

  • 1 person: $625 per night

  • 2 people: $750 per night

  • 3 people: $875 per night

  • 4 people: $1000 per night

  • 5 people: $1125 per night

  • 6 people: $1250 per night

THE BOAT: Eva is a 46.3 ft 2004 Grand Soleil in tip top shape. 


CABINS: It has 4 cabins: 3 doubles and one with 2 single bunks. All cabins have ample space and beds are large and comfortable. Up to 6 guests are welcome as one cabin is reserved for crew. There are 2 bathrooms for all to share.

FOOD: You'll taste cuisine from all over the world with the special zest that only fresh Caribbean food can have! 

LANGUAGES: Spanish, Italian and English.


  • Out door shower

  • Towels

  • 2 Bathrooms

  • 2 Hammocks

  • Fishing Gear 

  • Stand up paddleboard

  • Watermaker

  • Kitchen

  • Dinghy with outboard motor

  • Snorkeling gear


We spent wonderful days aboard the Odara in San Blas. Gaby was very attentive, took us to visit some islands, and prepared wonderful meals; he's a great cook! The sailboat is super cozy, and the days on board were incredible!

Marcia and Lucas

It was three wonderful days, both because of the location, San Blas, and the excellent experience provided by Gabi and Cota! We truly sailed, went diving, surfing, and ate very well!!!! The hospitality, generosity in sharing information and knowledge was incredible!!!

Melinda and Joao

We had an amazing experience aboard the Odara in San Blas for three wonderful days. Gabi was incredibly attentive, taking us to explore various islands and cooking delicious meals — he's a fantastic chef! The sailboat was super cozy, and we had an incredible time sailing, diving, and surfing. The hospitality and generosity shown by Gabi and Cota in sharing their knowledge and making us feel welcome were truly exceptional. It was a perfect blend of a beautiful location and wonderful hosts, making our trip unforgettable!

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