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Welcome to Faraón!


The Crew

Hello, we are Charlie and Luz and we are very happy to share our home at sea with you! Captain Charlie was born in South Africa and has more than 20 years of sailing experience. He spent the last 6 years in San Blas and he will take you to the very special corners of these heavenly islands. Charlie is very social, always with a smile on his face and very willing to share his experience and introduce you to his local Guna friends. Luz our wonderful chef, is Colombian and has over 5 years of experience working in restaurants. She has spent the last three years working on catamarans and other vessels. She is very cheerful and collaborative. 

About Faraón


Shared trip: $350 per person per night 
Private trip:

  • 1 person: $1600 per night

  • 2 people: $1700 per night

  • 3 people: $1800 per night

  • 4 people: $1900 per night

  • 5 people: $2000 per night

  • 6 people: $2100 per night

  • 7 people: $2200 per night

  • 8 people: $2300 per night

  • 9 people: $2400 per night

  • 10 people: $2500 per night

THE BOAT: Faraon is a 57 ft. Lagoon 570 built in 2004. It is a very large boat. Every area of the boat is so spacious, you'll forget you're on a boat! 


CABINS: It has 4 cabins with double beds and 2 cabins with bunk beds with a private bathroom in each cabin.  

FOOD: Luz will surprise you every day with a special recipe.   

LANGUAGES: We speak English and Spanish fluently.


  • Out door shower

  • Towels

  • 5 Bathrooms

  • Fishing Gear 

  • 5 Stand up paddle boards

  • Music and speakers

  • Kitchen

  • Power outlets

  • Icemaker

  • Watermaker

  • Dinghy with outboard motor

  • Snorkeling gear

Tom and Nancy

One of the greatest journeys that we had! Captain Charly was amazing person, the sights are astonishing, the food was wow! We’ve been in San Blas for 4 nights and I totally recommend this experience to everyone. The captain, the food, the experience … everything was perfect. 10 of 10!


We spent some unforgettable days with friends and unique people from the crew. An amazing combination of the pristine and incredibly beautiful nature in this area, a great time and the amazing food and professionalism served to us by the great crew!!!

Adam and Kailee

Absolutely loved this trip! The cabins where we slept were very cozy and comfortable. The crew was fantastic. It was the first time I snorkeled in a living coral reef and it was breathtaking. On top of that, the vegetarian options were great. The stand-up paddle boards were an amazing addition to the experience! Loved it, 100% recommended. Thank you Charly and crew!

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