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Welcome to Luna!

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The Crew

Meet Bea, a dedicated Family Doctor and a master in hyperbaric medicine, driven by her passion for nature and adventure. Her activities range from scuba diving and freediving to practicing yoga amidst the serene landscapes. Edu, our skilled Electronic Engineer and Yacht Captain, not only navigates the waters but also imparts surfing lessons with enthusiasm. He finds joy in practicing foil, fishing, and freediving. Lúa, the delightful 8-year-old, infuses positivity into everything around her. An avid skater, dancer, snorkeler, and surfer, Lúa embodies the spirit of adventure.Having set sail from Spain, we are currently basking in the paradise of San Blas. Our initial visit to this breathtaking destination was in 2014, and since then, we've acquired a profound understanding of the islands and a deep respect for their unique way of life. Our approach is to always seek the most suitable islands based on weather conditions and the preferences of our esteemed guests. 

About Luna


Shared trip: $220 per person per night 
Private trip:

  • 1 person: $220 per night

  • 2 people: $440 per night

  • 3 people: $620 per night

  • 4 people: $820 per night

  • 5 people: $1000 per night

THE BOAT: Our home on the water is a meticulously cared-for Beneteau 411. This vessel is not only our mode of transport but also our sanctuary. It's equipped with solar panels, allowing us to live self-sufficiently, minimizing our reliance on fossil fuels. The boat features a front suite cabin with a private bathroom and a comfortable double bed. In addition, there are two other aft cabins, each with double beds, sharing a bathroom located in the living room area.


CABINS: 2 cabins with double beds.

FOOD: Indulge in our meticulously crafted, delicious cuisine centered around fresh seafood, fruits, and vegetables. Our culinary offerings are a blend of flavors that aim to tantalize your taste buds and leave you savoring each bite.

LANGUAGES: Communication is key, and we facilitate seamless interactions in Spanish, Portuguese, English, and a touch of French to ensure a memorable and comfortable experience.


  • Out door shower

  • Towels

  • 2 Bathrooms

  • BBQ

  • Fishing Gear 

  • Watermaker

  • Kitchen

  • 1 Paddleboard

  • 2 Surfboards 

  • Dinghy with outboard motor

  • Snorkeling gear

Josh and Lynn

Our week aboard Bea, Edu, and Lúa's boat was nothing short of spectacular. Captain Edu's infectious enthusiasm made every day unique; from navigating the waves to sharing the secrets of surfing, he's a captain like no other. And little Lúa? She's the heart and soul of the trip, radiating joy with her skateboarding skills and dance moves. Together, this crew creates an unforgettable experience that's both adventurous and rejuvenating. Can't wait for our next voyage with them!

Katherine and Mike

The trip was incredible! They know these islands like the back of their hands and made sure every moment was special. Can't wait to sail with them again

Scott and Mathilda

Exploring San Blas with Bea, Edu, and Lúa was an unforgettable experience.  Captain Edu's passion for surfing and fishing kept us entertained throughout the journey. Lúa's energy and excitement for dancing and snorkeling added a youthful spirit to our trip. :)  We're already planning our next expedition with them!

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