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Finding Bliss with Montserrat: Your Ultimate Wellness Guide in San Blas

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Montse leading an early morning yoga class!
Montse leading an early morning yoga class!

In the heart of the San Blas paradise, a true gem awaits – Montserrat, a remarkable yoga teacher, chef, and holistic therapist. Montserrat brings a wealth of experience and a nurturing spirit to enrich your San Blas journey. Let's dive into the world of wellness and relaxation guided by the expertise of this extraordinary individual.

A Journey of Mastery: Meet Montserrat, Your Holistic Guide

Originating from the vibrant culture of Spain, Montserrat, affectionately known as Montse, is a seasoned professional in the realms of yoga, cuisine, and holistic healing. With more than two decades of teaching experience and certifications from the birthplace of yoga itself – India, Montse is not only a Hatha yoga instructor but also an accomplished teacher trainer.

Nurturing Body and Soul: Yoga Amidst Paradise

Imagine the gentle sound of waves as you start your day with a sunrise yoga session on the shores of San Blas. Montse's yoga classes blend the serenity of the surroundings with her extensive knowledge of Hatha yoga, creating a harmonious experience that rejuvenates both body and soul. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned yogi, Montse's guidance will help you find balance, flexibility, and inner peace.

Montserrat's Magic in San Blas

Montse's passion for sharing her expertise and nurturing spirit ensures that your time in this tropical haven is not just a vacation, but a transformative experience that touches your heart and leaves you rejuvenated, inspired, and deeply connected to yourself and the world around you. ** If you are not sailing with Montserrat and want to have this experience, tell your captain to contact her to arrange the yoga session. :)

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