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Welcome to Renaissanxe!

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The Crew

Morgan, a professional captain and skilled engineer with 12 years in the super yacht industry, excels in navigation and engineering. Petra, with a robust background in the yacht industry and hospitality, is a culinary-trained specialist ensuring top-notch onboard dining. Their children, a 9-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl, are raised onboard and are highly social and outgoing, thriving in various water and island activities. Together, they offer a wealth of experience, hospitality, and enthusiasm for any cruising adventure.

About Renaissanxe

Private trip only:

  • 1 person: $550 per night

  • 2 people: $720 per night

  • 3 people: $890 per night

  • 4 people: $1060 per night

  • 5 people: $1230 per night

  • 6 people: $1400 per night

THE BOAT: We have a 73ft, German Frers, custom made monohull. Built in 1987, New Port, Road Island, USA. She is a former race boat, converted in 2001... and refitted in 2023.


CABINS:  It features 2 cabins. Aft cabin with king sized bed and a single bed and cabin with 3 single beds. 
FOOD: We cook mainly fish and seafood, chicken. Options for vegetarians, vegan or other restricted diets possible. 

LANGUAGES: We all speak English, french, spanish and swedish.


  • Starlink

  • Toys

  • 2 Stand up paddleboards

  • 2 Kayaks

  • 1 Kanoe for 3 people

  • Snorkel gear adults and kids

  • Inflatable toys and noodles

  • Outdoor shower 

  • 2 Yoga mats, blocks

  • 2 Hammocks 

  • Piano (keyboard)

  • Guitar

  • TV

  • Nintendo switch

  • Board games 

  • Arts and painting activities for kids 

  • Lots of toys (Playmobil and Lego) 

  • Big library with books for kids and adults various languages 

  • Starlink

  • USB portals for charging 


We really enjoyed our trip. we were actually surprised how big the boat was. I have been on boats before but never as big as this one, and it really made a big difference, for exemple my girlfriend had plenty of space to do her yoga on the deck, the bedroom was a really good size, big the living room, etc... We also had a lot of fun with all the outdoors activities like SUP, kayaking and snorkeling in those cristal clear waters... The food was also great, we especially loved the fresh seafood and tasty homemade bread. most importantly Captain Morgan and Petra really took care of us, and made us feel at home. We dont have kids on our own but their children were adorable and actually made the whole experience even greater. My only regret is that we only stayed 2 nights, but we will come back again.


The experience was simply sensational! Far beyond our expectations!
The sailboat is extremely well-maintained and organized. Quiet, not a single creak is heard. We had great days and nights to relax and rest, only hearing the sound of the wind, the calm sea, and occasionally the nearby birds.
The crew did everything to make us feel as comfortable as possible. They truly make a team that helps each other with everything. It's important to mention that the children are adorable. My shy 4-year-old son felt very comfortable with them, even with the language barrier (my son only speaks Portuguese). For all of us, it was an incredible experience.
Morgan made sure to take us to the best places and didn't hesitate to alter plans if he noticed something that slightly reduced our comfort, always taking us to the calmest, most beautiful islands, according to our expectations. A paradise for those who enjoy sailing, snorkeling, or simply relaxing on the beach or on the boat. A paradise for us, who enjoy a bit of it all.
It was also noticeable the care with which Petra prepared the meals. Simply impressive her creativity to make such delicious natural meals.


A dream come true. Imagine being aboard a big boat with plenty of space in an amazing island world. It was so beautiful and peaceful.
It was clean on board and the food was amazing.
We were served, among other things, crawfish and fresh fish. Vegetables and fruit of course.
The international family was very nice and multilingual. They had two wonderful children who spread joy and positivity. We'd love to come back.
Highly recommend an experience with Captain Morgan and family.

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