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"There is a broken link between land and people.
We guide expert travelers seeking to restore their relationship with planet Earth through an immersive sailing experience in Gunayala, where indigenous wisdom offers tools to reconnect."
- I Travel By Boat

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How deep do you want to dive in?


Three night sail

An introduction to the Guna paradise and sailing life.  You'll sail each day to a different island, swim in beautiful waters and snorkel around the reefs


Four night sail

3 night itinerary +

sailing to the furthest parts of San Blas where there's hardly any other boats, only Guna families willing to share their daily life to give us a glimpse of what it takes to live in harmony with nature. You'll get to harvest coconuts and sail on a Guna dugout canoe.

Six night sail

4 night itinerary +
visiting a local village to see town life: schools, government house where the chiefs meet. Meet local artisans to learn crafts like fishing and Mola-making. Hike in the nearby jungle with a local guide and swim in a pristine river.


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Our Sailboats!

This trip far exceeded my expectations! Booking everything was extremely easy, and everything was explained. Our experience on the boat was unlike anything we have ever done. I cannot recommend this enough, and have already started to! Cris and Zuli were the perfect hosts, and every detail was accounted for. Thank you for this remarkable experience!
-Lisa Cori

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