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Marquesas Islands - Nuku Hiva

We're thrilled to introduce you to our latest destination, the breathtaking  Marquesas Islands. As your trusted partner in unforgettable voyages, we're constantly seeking new horizons to enrich your travel experiences. The Marquesas Islands are a hidden gem in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, offering a unique mix of vibrant culture, breath taking landscapes, and untouched natural beauty. This new addition to our destinations promises a truly immersive adventure that will create lasting memories. With its pristine shores, dramatic cliffs, and the warm embrace of the Marquesan people, your journey to Marquesas Islands is a gateway to a world of wonder.
Get ready to explore, embrace, and encounter an entirely new dimension of travel with us.


Meet your Host and Captain

Captain Andrea lived many years in Italy as a very successful artist, poet and recreational pilot. Selling everything in 2012 to buy his boat, he left all he knew behind and began a new adventure on the ocean. Andrea is a licensed captain. Having sailed on this ship all the way from Italy, making over 17,000 nautical miles, he knows how to handle the 50ft boat. The first mate varies season to season. 


Mick is a 50 ft. Beneteau Cyclades. The boat is extremely spacious throughout, especially in the large salon area which boasts L-shaped leather sofas and a wide dining table for enjoying meals with family and friends. Outside there is a spacious cockpit seating and fold-out dining table and the flush deck provides plenty of room for relaxing and sunbathing. This is a boat of comfort and luxury.

CABINS: It has 4 double-bed private cabins, each with a private bath.

THE FOOD: A fantastic chef, Andrea never fails to impress guests with fancy Italian dishes, especially when they include fresh fish caught that day.

LANGUAGES: Andrea speaks Italian, Spanish, French and English. 


Discover the breathtaking beauty of Nuku Hiva, the largest of the Marquesas Islands, starting this November. With daily flights from Tahiti provided by Air Tahiti, it's a pristine island of lush nature, pristine beaches, and sheltered bays - everything you'd expect from this archipelago.

Exploration and Activities:

  • Scenic Hikes and Horseback Rides: Explore the rugged, verdant mountains of the island. Enjoy hikes or horseback rides with access to beautiful waterfalls and unique vistas.

  • The Heart of Taiohae: Your journey commences in the expansive Taiohae Bay, featuring a small port with a convenient dock.

  • Eastern Wonders: Heading east, discover Controller Bay with three cozy anchorages. Visit the charming village of Taipivai, renowned for its vanilla plantations, ancient archaeological sites, and more.

  • Hidden Gems: Explore other beautiful bays like Haatuatua, Punta Matauaoa, and Haataivea Bay.

  • Northern Tranquility: Venture north to the serene Anaho Bay, known for its pristine beach, a quaint restaurant, and a place to find delectable fruits like grapefruits and fresh vegetables.

  • Western Charms: Heading west, arrive at Haahopu Bay, also known as Airport Bay.

  • Southern Delights: As you journey back south, encounter the picturesque Taioa Bay with its two quaint coves.

  • Hakatea's Splendor: Don't miss Hakatea (Hakaui) Bay, an enchanting spot with its lush valley and cascading waterfalls. The journey concludes as you return to Taiohae.

  • Marine Marvels: Nuku Hiva's waters are teeming with life, and you can even take a swim alongside gentle giants - giant manta rays, which are both harmless and breathtaking.

Side Trip to Ua Pou Island: For those seeking a few hours of open sea adventure, head further south to the charming Ua Pou Island. Visit Hakahetau Bay, home to a typical island restaurant, a short hike leading to a refreshing waterfall for a swim, and a unique German chocolatier living in the mountains. In Hakahau Bay, explore the main village with its craft center and a small market. Towards the southwest, you'll discover the lovely Hakamaii Bay.

Customized Itineraries: Our itineraries are tailored to suit our guests' preferences, ensuring you have the best experience during your stay. Flexibility is a priority, accounting for changes due to weather conditions and sea conditions.

Charters and Pricing:

  • Duration: Charters will span at least 7 days.

  • Inclusive Rates: All prices are inclusive of amenities.

  • Accommodation:

    • Double Cabin with Private Bathroom: €450 per person

    • Single Cabin with Private Bathroom: €350 per person

  • Fuel: Fuel costs are calculated at 7 liters per hour.
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