Why travel with us?

We belong to a sailing community that, by nature of our trade, stands for taking control of your life, living the way you want to, valuing experience over materials goods.  


This isn't your traditional yacht charter environment.  Our boats and captains come from all walks of life and will certainly offer an insight into a different kind of living. Here, sailors welcome you into their homes for you to have a relaxing, yet regenerative experience. 


We invite you to travel by boat for a few days, not only to see the wonders of this beautiful land, but to have one of those precious (and far in between) moments in life during which you actually feel ALIVE!

Let's do our part in keeping this paradise healthy by engaging in sustainable behavior together. Learn more about our sustainability pledge here!

Travel Tips

Pack light: you won't need shoes on the boat so one pair of sandals will suffice. Do remember a hat, coral-safe sunscreen & sunglasses. You have a 10Kg limit on luggage so pack smart! No hard-top suitcases please, there's nowhere to store them.


Come with an open mind, heart and will: You are coming into contact with two cultures completely different from yours - the Guna and the sailing nomads. Learn as much as you can and share your life experience with them so it's an enriching experience for all.


If you want to make a difference for the people you're visiting, help the local economy by purchasing molas - the local women's handcrafts. You'll want to take souvenirs home anyway, so make sure you do it on the islands and not at the airport on your way home.

Experience saling life, meet likeminded people


Can I start the tour any day of the week?

Yes! We have a lot of boats available, so you can start a tour any day you want.

Are tours private or shared?

It's up to you! You can book a cabin or the whole ship to yourself.

How do I get to the boat?

By car: You take a 6 passenger SUV for 2.5 hours from Panama City to the port of Carti. There, you take a 45 min to 1 hour water taxi to the island where your boat is anchored.

By plane: check with us for flight alternatives that may be available your trip dates. 

At what time do I get picked up in the morning to get to the boat?

At 5am to be at the dock at 8:30am and on the boat by 10:30am, depending on number of people getting dropped off at different islands/boats.

At what time do I leave the boat?

If leaving in the morning at 8:00 am; if in the afternoon, at 3:30 pm.

Is it true that yacht charter isn't allowed in San Blas?

While yacht charter is not allowed according to Guna law, in practice it is widely accepted... for now. Can this change at any time? Absolutely. The Guna have sovereign rule over their territory so if they decide to disallow yacht charter, they can do so at any time. If you want to visit San Blas by boat, now is the time! 

pristine islands, paradisiac landscape, mind-blowing scenery


Panama is a year-round destination for adventure travelers. Temperatures are the same all year (avg. 27°C/82°F) and hurricanes & tornados do not reach this area. 

Dec-April: dry & windy (summer)

May-Nov: rainy & calm seas (winter)

During the dry season there's plenty of wind to sail around.  If the sailing part is your priority we encourage to visit us then. The wet season has advantage of having really calm waters; it's when snorkeling and swimming are best enjoyed.


Weather varies a lot so it will still rain a little in the summer and you'll have plenty of sunny days in the winter. 


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